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We provide intelligent, value added solutions for your Supply Chain. Our solutions are efficient, fast, effective, and competitive.




Custom-Tailored solutions for the supply chain

 Sometimes we are faced with problems that require our immediate attention due to the critical impact they have on the operation of the company. The key advantage of having   resources  external  to  the  company  that  are highly qualified in  the area and  focused on solving the problem is  the ability  to deliver  solutions  to complex situations  without  diverting  resources  from the operation.

This  is  what   our Custom-Tailored  Solutions  service offers, including, among other things, an evaluation and diagnosis of Supply Chain problems, as well as solution alternatives.

 You tell  us  what  processes  or areas  you  want to improve in your Supply Chain. We evaluate it, we make an improvement proposal and solve the problem. That easy.

Here are some examples of customized solutions that we have for you:

  • Significantly improve your warehouse processes
  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Create an inventory projection model
  • Generate savings in purchases of raw materials and services
  • Improve the production schedule attainment
  • Make your inventory levels more efficient with “Pull” systems
  • Reduce material costs in your supply chain
  • Monitor and Control your inventory on the production floor
  • Transfer of supply chain management between manufacturing plants
  • Evaluate processes in order to implement improvements plans


Consulting and Coaching services in:

  • Defining and implementing strategic objectives and metrics for the supply chain
  • Process evaluation of the area
  • Administration and continuous improvement of the Supply Chain
  • Customer service
  • Management and implementation of new projects
  • Feasibility analysis and implementation of «Pull» systems for raw material
  • Inventory management (Availability, adequate level, accuracy, projection … etc.)
  • Production scheduling and control
  • Savings plans on purchases
  • Purchase order transfer strategy and processes
  • Implementation and Certification of C-TPAT and NEEC


Global Strategic Sourcing

  • Identification of potential suppliers of raw materials and indirect materials
  • Administration and review of supplies and services contracts
  • Obtaining competitive prices and delivery times
  • Supplier development
  • Analysis of optimal acquisition strategies (direct purchase, subcontract, manufacture etc.)
  • Evaluation and audit of suppliers (quality systems, capacity analysis, environment and Industrial safety / ISO 9001, 14001, 22301, 27001, OHSAS 18001)
  • Evaluation of the purchasing processes and materials expediting from suppliers


Human Resources

   Transformational Mentoring (skills development on the job)

Sometimes situations arise in which, due to company needs, certain personnel are required to be developed in  the  current  position  or in  another position  with different responsibilities and functions, which in many cases  implies  partially  blurring  our  employees with greater experience of their priority activities, in order to support   the  development  of  the  aforementioned personnel; this is often not the best strategy.

We at this Transformational Mentoring service support you in the comprehensive  development of your staff, considering for this purpose the development of skills, competencies and  attitude, in any of the  areas of the Supply Chain.

 Recruitment of personnel

Identifying  high-profile  candidates that  bring together the skills, experience and knowledge required for supply chain  positions  in different  types  of  industries  has always been  a big challenge for recruitment  and selection.

In  addition  to  having  recruiters  with  extensive experience in recruitment and selection, we also have experts in  the area  who have extensive knowledge of the functions and processes of the supply chain, as well as the  challenges  faced by staff in different roles, this gives us unique insight into exactly the staff you require.

We are experts in hiring personnel in the area of Supply Chains, give us the privilege of showing you.


    Training (It can be distance or face-to-face). Below, you can see the list of courses that we offer for your staff:

    • Effective negotiation
    • Purchasing management and strategies to generate savings
    • Efficient warehouse management,
    • Inventory management strategy
    • Outstanding customer service
    • Inventory projection / Strategic actions to optimize your supply chain
    • How to make an exceptional savings plan
    • How to work from home / Getting results and improving your quality of life
    • Leading from a distance / A different way of managing your team/
    • C-TPAT


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